Kids leaving for school?

It feels like summer has just begun, but it is actually time to start planning for college (and boarding school) students to leave for the school year. Regarding auto insurance, there are a few things to consider:

Will your student take a car to campus?

Please give us the new garaging address

Will your student leave the car at home?

You may want to reduce coverage limits while a car is not being driven

You may want to use an OPERATOR EXCLUSION FORM* to reduce the cost of insurance

Will your student be over 100 miles from home?

The Student Away discount may apply

Did you give us the most recent grades for the Good Student discount?

High school and college grades of a B/3.0 or better qualify

If this is the first time your student is leaving and you have no idea what we are talking about – contact us! That is why we are here.

*OPERATOR EXCLUSION FORM – please be aware this is a form signed by both the insured (you) and the excluded driver (your student) – please have it completed before the student leaves as there will be much too much going on at school to pay attention to an email from us to get the form signed!