How do I replace my lost, damaged, faded plates?

Replacement plates may be ordered from the RMV, the fee is $10 per plate. You will be issued a temporary plate permit (it looks similar to a registration) to keep in the vehicle until the plate arrives – mailed to the address on file. You may obtain an inspection with this permit, if needed. If both of your plates were lost or stolen, you must obtain a new set of plates (new plate/registration number) from an RMV branch.

Unfortunately, green plates cannot be replaced with the same number. You may exchange them for two new red ones (new plate/registration number) for no fee.

The RMV is NOT recalling green license plates. By state law, Massachusetts license plates must be readable from 60 feet away. Any green or red passenger plate which has lost its reflective coating or paint must be replaced. You can be cited by law enforcement for this violation. Also, your vehicle will be ineligible to pass the yearly required state safety inspection.

The RMV encourages vehicle owners to swap illegible plates – or any green plates – for a set of red plates at no fee.

Read more or order replacement plates on the RMV website here: Order replacement vehicle registration (license) plates |

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