Most Common Boating Claims

Collisions are the most common boating claim, per Travelers Insurance.  According to their claim data from 2018-2022, the top three causes of boat and yacht claims were:

  1. Collisions 38%
  2. Weather 19%
  3. Mechanical breakdowns 11%

“With an uptick in boating activity in recent years, we continue to see boat and yacht insurance claims that may be preventable,” said Todd Shasha, assistant vice president of personal insurance at Travelers.

It is important for new AND experienced boaters to remember basic risk mitigation and safety tips, which can help protect passengers from injury and owners from costly damage.

Travelers’ boating tips:

  • Complete a boat safety course and obtain a boating certificate.
  • Have a certified technician or mechanic perform the recommended maintenance before your vessel goes in the water.
  • Familiarize yourself with your boat’s navigation and safety equipment, and any boat you drive.
  • Always operate within marked channels to avoid running aground or hitting submerged objects near the shoreline.
  • Stay alert when approaching objects such as mooring fields, navigational buoys and marine traps set in the water.
  • Be aware that after a storm, high tides may have carried debris into the water.
  • Monitor the forecast and create a preparedness plan to follow in the event of severe weather.  If possible, haul the vessel out of the water before a storm approaches.

Source: The Standard, June 9, 2023