Safety Tips for Using Space Heaters

** Safety Tips for Using Space Heaters **

The winter months are upon us, and many homes are being heated with alternative heating sources like space heaters. Be sure to exercise caution when using space heaters!

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), heating equipment is one of the leading causes of fires in the United States. Learning how to use your equipment properly is the key to safely heating your home.

Below are some space heater safety recommendations:

  1. Purchase space heaters that are NOT hot to the touch.
  2. Always place a space heater on solid ground, so there is no opportunity for it to accidentally tip over.
  3. Never use extension cords with space heaters. They should be plugged directly into a wall outlet, and always unplug a space heater when not in use.
  4. Keep space heaters a minimum of 5 feet away from combustible materials.
  5. Never leave a space heater unattended, especially at night while sleeping.
  6. Keep children and pets away from all space heaters.
  7. Never place a space heater between anyone and their means of egress out of the room or building.

Reminder: Test your smoke detectors once a month to ensure the batteries are working properly (even after you’ve packed your space heater away). Keep in mind that the NFPA recommends you replace your smoke detectors every 10 years, no matter the condition.

For more fire safety tips, please visit the NFPA online.

Courtesy Narragansett Bay Insurance Company